Hi, my name is Stephen Barncard. Thanks for checking out this site. 

You may have heard some of the records or CDs I've worked on over the years.  I'm assuming you have arrived here because you might be searching for someone to mix down your music project to a stereo master mix. Someone who has done it before.

You have come to the right place. mixstream.org offers creative mixing services by me with client review and comment over live, stereo internet connections for quick mix resoluton and client participation.

mixing for the digital age applied with a analog touch
decades of experience and an a&r perspective

I have a passion for sound. I have a passion for music. I am a specialist in recording and mixing vocal, guitar and acoustic instruments and I thrive in music with uniqueness, dynamics, feeling, gusto and charm. I've done this my entire life and I've mixed hundreds of artists from Crosby Stills and Nash to the Circle Jerks to the Tubes and the Grateful Dead   (discography).  

PERSPECTIVE: Let me bring it all together in a great mix. Every instrument and voice should have its own defined space in the dance that you, the artist have created, and each deserves this important, final, and very personal process.

Get an outside perspective and a level of clarity and verve that was hidden away in your tracks. Often, in the process of recording, artists hear so much of themselves on a project that some parts become 'invisible' and balances, important subtleties and grooves get miscalulated in the final result. Vocal and solo instrument levels may not make work across different speaker systems. There are monitoring, reverb and echo issues, EQ, building a mix that will play anywhere.

Do you really want to just 'put it out' or do you want to have a great finish to your presentation?

Consider working with a music mix professional with a fresh perspective. 
 I can help. I'm good, I've got a track record, I've done it before, and have made lots of records, blah blah. 

So what?

HOW does an artist get the confidence that he's part of the process and not worry about losing control of his concept when the mixer is far across the city, state or the earth? How does a mixer get feedback from the artist on mixes in a way that doesn't waste a lot of time for both parties?  

In the past, these remote arrangements have been a struggle between mixer and producer/artist, with waiting time introduced while many 'version' MP3 files and emails are exchanged back and forth, or the need for confusing FTP software or not-so-hifi land telephone lines.  

The old way could take forever. Now with high-speed internet connections available almost anywhere, we can greatly improve the round-trip process using a live MP3 stream.


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