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information regarding script submission for voice artists

suggestions to make your scripts easier to deliver:

• single sided when printing

• number each page at the bottom right • double space (for in-situ corrections)

• make text readable - don't worry about wasting paper.

• insert page breaks to avoid any sentence wrapping to the next page • save as a PDF to send me rather than word if possible. It is more likely to preserve text attributes via different platforms, printers, etc.

• imbedded interstitial information (backstory or character suggestions) is welcome if needed - just make it clearly look different than the text to be spoken.

• please make the announcer's text to read in boldface or in a different font face to differentiate from interstitial information like camera angles, scene descriptions, or other characters. 

I'll be happy to print out the scripts, but I'd prefer to get the file the night before the session.  

 -- stephen barncard


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