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information regarding script submission for voice artists

suggestions to make your scripts easier to deliver:

single sided if printing

number each page at the bottom right

• please double space (for in-situ corrections)

• make text readable - don't worry about wasting paper.

• please insert page breaks to avoid any sentence wrapping to the next page

MS Word, Mac Pages, are accepted. If really complex formatting is needed, please save as a PDF rather than word if possible. It is more likely to preserve text attributes via different platforms, printers, etc.

imbedded interstitial information (backstory or character suggestions) is welcome if needed - just make it clearly look different than the text to be spoken.

• If there is  interstitial information like camera angles, scene descriptions, or other characters, please make the announcer's text to read in boldface or in a different font face to improve readability.

I'll be happy to print out the scripts, but I'd prefer to get the file the night before the session.  

 -- stephen barncard


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